About Quartz Carpet

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A Brief History of Quartz Carpet Flooring

Quartz Carpet flooring originated in Italy about 500 years ago, when quarry workers used stone offcuts for flooring in their own homes. At first, the finish was rough-set and uneven but as methods progressed, the flexibility and benefits of quartz were recognized. 

With refined techniques, opportunities for custom coloring and flexibility in design, quartz quickly became a valued material. In recent years, natural quartz has enjoyed a revival, due to its resilience, easy maintenance and design qualities.

Hand cast floors

Traditional hand casting skills remain the best way to achieve custom seamless Quartz Carpet floors. The production of our hand cast flooring should be carried out by a skilled Quartz Carpet Certified Installer, requiring close attention throughout the process. 


The long-term durability of Quartz Carpet and our Crystal Glass wall systems ensures years of beauty. The sustainability of our flooring contributes to the environment. 

Environmental Factors

Seamless – no grout to clean or maintain or grooves to create tripping hazards, or uneven rolling of carts or wheelchairs
Noise factor – cushioned pockets deter noise from hard-soled shoes, carts, etc 


Quartz Carpet recommends that all of our products be installed by our nationwide team of Certified Installers. To achieve certification, these installers have been trained in the field by our experts, and have proven they meet our tough criteria for a quality installation. Each of our Certified Installation companies stand behind their work, and offer their clients a warranty. 

Architect and Design Resources

With over 35 years of experience installing Quartz Carpet throughout the world we focus on the best project based solutions for your clients’ needs. Our team of expert design consultants is on hand to provide you with detailed consultations to achieve the perfect finish every time. Our technicians ensure cost effective strategies to stay on budget and minimize downtime.

Project Planning

Quartz Carpet’s Certified Installers will meet your scheduling needs – nights, weekends or facility shutdowns. Our attention to your schedule by our trained workforce helps minimize disruptions to your business, employees, vendors and customers. 

Project Evaluations

Quartz Carpet’s team of Certified Installers provide inspections and customized solutions tailored specifically to your project, focusing on aesthetic appeal, efficient installations, and quality products. We can provide detailed specifications, guidelines and recommendations for every project. 

Maintenance & Cleaning Services

Quartz Carpet’s Certified Installers provide on-site maintenance training and guidelines for cleaning to help keep your Quartz Carpet floor beautiful. 

Environmental Considerations

Quartz Carpet is a division of Sidec, a formulator, manufacturer, and supplier of products for resin bonded aggregate surfacing. 

We recognize that our operations will have an impact on the local and global environment and as such Sidec and Quartz Carpet are committed to the continuous exploration and development of procedures, systems and working practices that reduce the pollution and impact generated during the normal course of our business while ensuring our products remain of the highest quality.

Recognizing and understanding this process means that we can reduce, offset, mitigate or eliminate our carbon use where possible and practical, allowing us to set clear objectives which we can monitor, manage and improve.

Quartz Carpet fully supports and is committed to the sustainable use of global resources, including the reduction of pollution and waste.

A Strong Global Network

Quartz Carpet is part of a global network dedicated to the awareness, and development of seamless stone carpet products – their versatility, strength, and sustainability.