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What Is Quartz Carpet Seamless Stone Flooring?

Quartz Carpet is a resilient, hand troweled, seamless floor covering that combines natural quartz granules with resin. It creates the effect of carpet with the endurance of tile, and can be used for interior or exterior projects. 

Quartz Carpet granules are coated in a proprietary UV stable coating, ensuring they will not fade over time, and it’s available in a wide variety of granule sizes, colors and finishes. Quartz Carpet can be installed over existing concrete, tile or virtually any surface, and can accommodate most logos, inlays and graphics producing striking creative environments for brands and businesses, indoors and out!

Quartz Carpet

Why Install Quartz Carpet Floors?

Aside from being an industry-leading, elite product, Quartz Carpet also checks the following boxes:

Anti Allergen


Easy to clean

92% Natural


Does not require solvent of any kind, unlike epoxy

Easy to install over ceramic tile - no need to remove existing tile

Keeps concrete dust at a minimum

Dampens echos when applied indoors

Perfect for outdoor applications like pool decks, patios, and walkways

Why Choose Quartz Carpet?

This is a highly sought after product and preferred by discerning clients

Easier to install than the other epoxy-based alternatives 

Features exclusive benefits like the fact that it can be rained on only 2 hours post-application

Appropriate in all weather
conditions and geographic locations  

Ideal for interior and exterior applications   

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About Quartz Carpet

Quartz Carpet flooring originated in Italy about 500 years ago, when quarry workers used stone offcuts for flooring in their own homes. At first, the finish was rough-set and uneven but as methods progressed, the flexibility and benefits of quartz were recognized. 

With refined techniques, opportunities for custom coloring and flexibility in design, quartz quickly became a valued material. In recent years, natural quartz has enjoyed a revival, due to its resilience, easy maintenance and design qualities.


We are proud of the fact that Quartz Carpet is the preferred flooring option in high-end residences and commercial environments across the US.


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